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Hi there, once again I am very sorry for not blogging my sessions and showing you all the beautiful babies, children and families I am so lucky and blessed to meet. But time flies and I just haven’t found the time to update my webpage.

Here on I focus only on my client work. If you want to see my personal projects and more day to day shooting, please visit my personal blog at At that site I make updates much more regularly than here.:)

For the time being I am actually not taking new bookings, I am sorry about that.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of the cutest little girl who unfortunately wasn’t too happy about going to the photographer, but we still managed to get some adorable shots. How can I not with those gorgeous eyes!

Gorgeous little girl // Abu Dhabi Photographer

I am still here, but still not finding the time to work on my website. So sorry about that. I am so behind on showing you pictures from my sessions, this little girl came in a few months ago, but she was such a gorgeous little girl I had to show her to you!

We were playing peekaboo for most of the session, and we were having such a good time! During my sessionsI always make it an important point to take it easy,  have fun and make sure the children have a good time, after all I don’t want the kids to having bad memories from going to the photographer. And with this little cutie, I am pretty sure she is already asking to do it again:)

My Favorites from 2013 Part Deux // Abu Dhabi Photographer

Here is the second installment of my favorite portraits from last year. In this part I wanted to focus more on happy images with genuine expressions and moments, which is what I am always trying to capture during a session. I feel so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to capture these moments for future memories!

My favorites from 2013 // Abu Dhabi Photographer

Happy new year everyone! I was planning to post a top ten 2013 blog today, but it turned out to be impossible to pick only ten, so instead I am doing Top 20. I will start with the first 10 with some classical Metteli closeups and post the next 10 soon. The images are posted in no particular order, I cannot choose just a single favorite. Can you?

Beautiful Little Lady // Abu Dhabi Portrait Photographer

Oh my goodness I am months behind on blogging now, I have so many adorable babies and kids I want to show you, I just have not had the time to update my website lately I have been too busy with sessions:)

But I have to start somewhere and what better than starting with this amazingly beautiful little girl?